At YMCA, we believe that caring, capable adults can make a very important difference in the lives of children experiencing significant life challenges.

Research shows that mentored youth have favorable outcomes including improved educational achievement, emotional well-being, and healthy behavior.

In our program, mentors have helped their mentees by:

  • being a consistent and reliable positive adult in their lives
  • giving their mentee a sense of hope in the midst of the difficult circumstances they may be experiencing
  • engaging in conversations that encourage their mentees to stay motivated and focused on their education
  • providing positive ways for their mentee to spend free time together
  • helping their mentee face daily challenges and learn from their decisions
  • offering their mentee opportunities to discover his/her skills and consider career paths for the future

When you agree to mentor, you will be matched with a young person based on common interests, backgrounds, and geographic location within Montgomery County, MD.

We take care to set our mentors up for success by providing ongoing trainings and mentor roundtables.  We ask that you spend 4-8 hours per month with your mentee in consistent regular mentor outings.  Outings are scheduled by you and your mentee – you can meet whenever it’s convenient for you.

We ask for a one year minimum commitment to ensure that your mentee enjoys all the benefits of this unique and important relationship.