Inter-agency Family Preservation Services provides services in the home by empowering families to improve the well-being of children and build on the strengths of the family.

Care Coordination:

Case Workers working with a small caseload help families identify needs, connect them to community resources (tutoring, educational assistance, Child Behavior Specialist, FINISH), and build strong Child and family teams that will continue to serve as a resource to families after completing IFPS.


Resources include, but not limited to; tutoring, educational support, translation/ interpretation, on-site Child Behavior Specialist, art therapy, and mentoring for youth and parents.


Referrals for IFPS are sent to and approved by one of four referring agencies: Local Behavioral Health Authority, Child Welfare Services, Department of Juvenile Services, and Montgomery County Public Schools. Once approved, the referral is forwarded to the YMCA Youth & Family Services IFPS program for assignment to a Case Worker.