Long Branch Collective Action for Youth (LBCAY) is a multi-year process that convenes youth-focused organizations to identify a common agenda,  set measurable results, create shared outcomes,  plan mutually reinforcing activities, and maintain continuous communication. The initiative will work to  eliminate service delivery gaps and achieve coordination among organizations to achieve a common goal.


Long Branch Collective Action for Youth (LBCAY) is an intiaitve operating within the Long Branch neighborhood working to add value to youth-serving organizations. The initiative facilitates an increase organization-to-organization coordination, encourages efficiency of social service delivery, and addresses the needs of school-age youth (grades 1-12) with focus on those who are at-risk to underachieve academically and professionally. The initiative is organized through the Y in partnership with CHEER (Community Health & Empowerment Through Education & Research) as the Community Organization Lead.

The initiative will work to build relationships and partnerships between the Long Branch business community, nonprofit organizations, Montgomery County Public Schools, and the community through communication and relationship-building.


LBCAY will strategically engage stakeholders in community stakeholder meetings to help identify needs and service delivery gaps, discuss effective responses, develop community consensus and support. Apply to be an organizational partner by filling out this form. Dates and times of stakeholder meetings can be found on the calendar .


Community engagement events will be held and supported by the LBCAY initiative to fuel community awareness, support  and contribution to LBCAY. Listening events, youth summits, block parties and more will be promoted. Dates and times of community events can be found on the calendar.