Little ‘Einsteins’ Love Thingamajig

On a breezy beautiful Thursday in July, twenty-eight students, aged 5 to 13, tumbled out of a bus into the mammoth Prince George Equestrian Center for the 21st Annual YMCA Thingamajig convention. If they seemed a little awestruck, there was good reason.  Inside, the scene was a giant kaleidoscope of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities, active fitness play, creative eco art, children’s gardening and a huge display of student inventions. The two weeks of “Thingamajig Camp” that the twenty-eight students were part of, YFS provides free of charge at two of its community centers. The campers produce more than cardboard inventions and brightly painted fantasy creations. They open a world of creativity and innovation that help students consider STEM skills in the future. (more…)