Horizons: Outdoor Adventure

NOW ENROLLING OUTDOOR ADVENTURE CAMP In this therapeutic adventure program, an experiential education model is used to develop trust, promote teamwork, and build self-confidence. These themes are woven into activities such as: Ropes courses Hiking & Exploring Local and National Parks Rock climbing & Rappelling Zip Lining Caving Group Games […]


Friday, July 6, 2018

Last year, Lindsey Foss, a Linkages to Learning mental health therapist, and many other health care providers began noticing that the young people she worked with were sharing feelings of anxiety and discouragement due to the political climate. “They felt hopeless and like all political power rested on one person,” stated Foss.  They did not know about the different branches of government or how to effectively advocate beyond messages they were seeing on social media.  So, to empower these young people with knowledge and information about how government works while also having fun, she organized an “Advocacy Camp” spring break. As a part of the YMCA, an organization that promotes social responsibility and youth development, Foss knew that this would be a great way for the Y to encourage teens to take action. (Full Story Sheet)


Imagination Boot Camp


Teambuilding and Leadership

The Y trains staff to transport teens through time portals where agile feet walk on the backs of turtle shells floating in molten lava. They aren’t practicing to be extras in the next Michael Bay movie blockbuster; they are training to become facilitators of building community and respect all in the name of fun. (more…)

Youth & Family Services’ Staff

– Keyandra Brisco, LCSW-C  – Director of Family Preservation and Support Services Lindsey Foss, LCMFT – Director of Linkages to Learning Kimberly Nimmons, LCPC – Director of Counseling Outreach Referrals and Education (CORE) Elena dos Reis – Director of Linkages to Learning Meredith Smith – Director of Youth Development – Keyandra Brisco, LCSW-C Keyandra […]

Impacting Our Community

We strive to provide quality and effective services that will leave a lasting impact on the communities and individuals we serve. Check out some of our results! 2016 Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2014 Annual Report Youth and Community Development Programs Community Development Family Demographics 2013-2014 Youth and Community Development 2011-2012 Exit Survey […]