Being a teenager is hard.  For some young people and their parents, getting through the teenage years can seem almost impossible. Imagine how much easier it would be if you had someone available to help you 24/7. *Anna was desperate for help after her daughter Lucy repeatedly cut herself, attempted suicide, and underwent numerous psychiatric hospitalizations.  (Full Story Sheet)

Wraparound is a 12 month program that supports up to 30 families.  Each family works with a Care Coordinator who meets with them weekly and works to connect them to much needed supports and resources within the community, such as therapists, workshops, translators, tutors, recreational activities, and mentors. Because the program emphasizes accessibility, Care Coordinators are available to families 24/7. The Y staff hold regular meetings at times and places (such as the home or the school) that are convenient to the family. Using a culturally sensitive model that focuses on family strengths, Care Coordinators involve the family in every step of planning and hold monthly “Family Team” meetings to review goals, celebrate progress, and identify new strategies to help the youth and the family meet their goals. YMCA-YFS was awarded the county Wraparound program in the fall of 2015 because of its strong mental health expertise and history.

Anna and Lucy are just one of many families that have benefited from the support they received in the Wraparound program. Anna has expressed her gratitude to Margaret, her Care Coordinator, time and time again, recently saying that,

“this program saved my daughter’s life… The program gave her hope, she became somebody, she became a different person.”

Before Wraparound, Anna and Lucy didn’t know how to deal with Lucy’s overwhelming emotions, which led to meltdowns, psychiatric hospitalizations, peer conflicts, and Lucy missing weeks of school at a time. After Margaret taught Lucy and her mother coping skills, Lucy is able to avoid meltdowns, asks for help before she becomes overwhelmed, and use supports at school to resolve peer conflicts. She attends school regularly and asked to participate in a therapeutic after school program because she wants the additional support. Before working with Margaret, Anna and Lucy were at the mercy of Lucy’s overwhelming emotions. Now Lucy knows how to handle them and is taking control of her future.

 If you or a loved one is in crisis, please reach out for help.  Montgomery county, MD Crisis hotline (240)777-4000

Donations to Wraparound and other YMCA-YFS programs helps families overcome challenges and foster mental wellness. For more information on how to give, contact Carson Henry at [email protected]