Donovan was referred to YMCA Youth & Family Services (YMCA-YFS) following a series of school suspensions and multiple behavioral concerns. Though bright, Donovan’s grades were suffering due to his negative behaviors and interactions with peers and teachers. Thanks to Montgomery County’s Collaboration Council, YMCA-YFS was able to assist Donovan and his family though the Wraparound program. Y staff helped facilitate communication between Donovan’s family members and his school to figure out a plan for the best way to improve his grades and decrease/eliminate school suspensions and the number of times he was asked to leave class due to his behaviors.

In addition to developing a family plan, during weekly visits with Donovan’s Family, the Y’s Care Coordinator worked directly Donovan and his family members to improve their communication with each other. Typically, each Y staff in the Wraparound program works with 10 families to assist with attainment of family goals. As they did with Donovan, the Care Coordinators frequently check in with the children’s family members about the young persons successes and challenges. They help to identify and overcome obstacles to the child’s academic and social goals.

As the end of the school year approached, Donovan’s family began focusing on Donovan’s transition from middle school to high school. Donovan’s Child and Family Team, led by Y staff, brainstormed ideas to help make the transition successful. By the end of the school year, Donovan’s family had coordinated with the school for a successful middle school to high school transition, Donovan had 0 suspensions during the last 5.5 months of school, and his grades had dramatically improved!

Donovan’s family completed the Wraparound program this summer. Both Donovan and his family members felt proud to achieve most of their goals during the previous year. More importantly, they were hopeful about their future and felt capable of dealing with any challenges that might come along

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