The Love of the Game

Spring 2017

In one of the most diverse counties in America, Montgomery County, MD ( )- recreational sports often serve as a unifying factor for many immigrant populations.  Sports are a great draw for youth engagement in after-school programs, but at Albert Einstein High School, soccer is doing so much more. Continue reading “The Love of the Game” »

Energizing our Future


Summer 2017

Answering the question, “What Did I Do on My Summer Vacation?” can be a source of embarrassment for low-income youth who’s families don’t have the resources to engage their kids in safe, holistic summer fun activities. Instead, summers are often spent ingesting a steady diet of reality TV shows, playing video games, and trying to avoid engaging in high-risk activities that beckon unsupervised teens. Enter the YMCA to help fill that void. Continue reading “Energizing our Future” »

Local Kids Sweep Awards!!!


Summer 2017

As technology continues to make rapid advances the demand for a skilled workforce in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is crucial.  Way a head of the game, Janice Williams, Senior Vice President of YMCA of Metropolitan Washington, recognized the need to encourage STEM learning 23 years ago when she launched Thingamajig.

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Resilience Through Art

LINKAGES TO LEARNING Program Partnership Heavy focus on common core subjects, such as reading and math are threatening the elementary school artistic masterpieces that adorn kitchen doors across America. In a time where there is much pressure on students and teachers for academic metrics and testing, art summer camps provide Read more…



Donovan was referred to YMCA Youth & Family Services (YMCA-YFS) following a series of school suspensions and multiple behavioral concerns. Though bright, Donovan’s grades were suffering due to his negative behaviors and interactions with peers and teachers. Thanks to Montgomery County’s Collaboration Council, YMCA-YFS was able to assist Donovan and his family though the Wraparound program. Y staff helped facilitate communication between Donovan’s family members and his school to figure out a plan for the best way to improve his grades and decrease/eliminate school suspensions and the number of times he was asked to leave class due to his behaviors.

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